Waste Remediation

Wastewater for solid or liquid waste remediation is a challenge due to the ever changing nature of the influent. Problems with metals, COD, organics compounds and other priority pollutants are hard to predict and anticipate due to the influx of waste that can change dramatically over different projects or seasons. By creating a flexible chemical treatment regime, Aquasan’s technical experts are able to make your chemistry adapt to all situations to make sure that you reach all regulatory requirements for discharge.


BENEFITS OF Waste Remediation

Aquasan is a main partner for many waste remediation leaders, both in hazardous waste remediation, liquid waste remediation and technical landfills. You can rely on our expertise to optimize our chemistry to answer your most challenging conditions.


There are multiple benefits to achieving the right chemistry for waste remediation systems:

  • Maximizing wastewater quality
  • Maximizing wastewater flow output
  • Reducing chemical storage footprint
  • Optimizing capacity of existing equipment
  • Helping you meet and exceed discharge limits imposed by your municipality or region
  • Optimize sludge handling capacity
  • Control odours

Treatment Process

Waste remediation wastewaters are challenging because each of them have specific contaminants that need to be targeted in order to meet local discharge limits. A one-size-fits-all treatment is not the best solution for these types of treatments, a global understanding of your system and challenges is required. The only way to truly optimize these systems is to have a dedicated account specialist that knows your plant and your challenges. Optimization cannot be done remotely, it needs to be done in collaboration between your team and ours in order to achieve optimal possible results.  This true collaboration is what we call the Aquasan process. Aquasan’s Initial assessment, Jar-testing, Jar-testing reporting are always free of charge and Aquasan’s periodic visits are always included while you use our chemistries and services. 


1. Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is a crucial step of the Aquasan process as it allows us to get a true understanding of the challenges and opportunities that your wastewater treatment system offers. These are some of the steps that your account specialist will take in order to get a better understanding of your system: 

  • Survey of facilities and available space
  • Survey of equipment
  • Survey of the hydraulic flow
  • Survey of the existing challenges
  • Survey of the main contaminants
  • Survey of objectives

By getting all of the information, your Aquasan dedicated technical specialist can start to implement and design a strategy tailored to your specific needs.


2. Jar-testing, mobile laboratory and chemistry optimization

Jar-testing is a way to test on a small scale many different chemistry combinations in order to determine which solution could present the best solution. With our mobile Jar-testing kit and laboratory, Aquasan will be directly on-site to perform the jar-testing, ensuring that we get the most representative water from all possible situations from normal operating conditions to sporadic events. Our mobile laboratory will also allow your account specialist to optimize the chemistry to target specific contaminants such as metals, COD, TOC or solids. Once the chemistry is chosen, further dosage optimization jar-tests will allow your Aquasan account specialist to pinpoint the dosage required allowing to move on to the planification of a plant trial. Aquasan offers most of its products in many different packaging sizes, therefore upon recommendations from your Aquasan account specialist, the appropriate amount of chemistry will be delivered to you by our logistics team.

3. Plant trial 

The plant trial is the next step of the Aquasan process. When a chemistry change is made, it is always vital to do a test on the chain of treatment in order to verify that the expected monetary or performance gains are observed on your equipment. Your Aquasan account specialist will be with you during this plant trial making sure that all transitions are smooth and that no unnecessary downtime is caused by the plant trial. During the plant trial, Aquasan will monitor and log performance for reporting, allowing you to take a decision on qualitative and quantitative data. 


4. Periodic visits and Plant optimization

Wastewater systems are not linear, they are a system that can be affected by many different factors. Therefore, Aquasan makes it a point of honor to have periodic visits to all of our customers' plants. Optimizing chemistry through periodic visits allows your Aquasan account specialist to develop a deep knowledge of your wastewater operation. Even if we strive to make your life simple, we know that wastewater can become tricky on some occasions, the knowledge gained by your account specialist will become an invaluable resource for you in challenging times. 

Ultimately, the Aquasan process is a way to streamline the optimization and operation processes of your wastewater system. Our goal is to make sure that we are as valuable an asset as our customers are to us.