Wastewater Treatment Applications

Using the right type and amount of chemicals are key to a safe, efficient, and sustainable wastewater treatment process. At Aquasan, we help ensure you get the chemistry right to treat your wastewater for safe discharge. We help address issues such as organics, FOGs (fats, oils and greases), suspended solids, metals, and odors. Chemistry optimization is a great way to reduce your organization’s environmental footprint while being often-times an economical solution on the full cycle analysis.

Wastewater treatment is a critical part of the infrastructure needed to support your businesses activities. While you focus on your operations, Aquasan will make sure that your wastewater chemistry is designed and optimized to keep you running at minimal cost. Our industry experts, with periodic service visits, will be with you on the field in order to tackle the challenges that wastewater can throw at you.


Aquasan helps ensure adequate full wastewater cycle comprehension and treatment going from pH adjustments, coagulation, flocculation, metal precipitation, foam management and odour control for your application. Aquasan’s treatment chemicals are used in wastewater water treatment processes for agri-food industry, sludge dewatering, industrial wastewater, chemical phosphorus removal, waste remediation and animal production.


Aquasan specialists have deep technical expertise to ensure optimal product doses for your specific business requirements. Your account specialist is dedicated to your treatment needs and offering a personalized service.


There are multiple benefits to achieving
the right chemistry with your wastewater products:
  • Optimize chemistry to meet your local discharge requirements
  • Meet industry-specific contaminants discharge limits
  • Reduce the amount of sludge produced
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals used
  • Reduce the amount of transportation required to get that chemistry on the site
  • Reduce your environmental footprint
  • Reduce your costs